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The vision for SADCG is for South Australia to have ethical and responsible hunting programmes that deliver environmental, social, cultural, economic and other benefits to its members and to the South Australian public.


The mission of SADCG is to work collaboratively, ethically and responsibly with responsible hunting and or conservational organisations and or individuals and or Government and or non-Government organisations at all levels to promote, sustain and demonstrate the benefits of hunting in South Australia.

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The Objectives of SADCG are;

To champion and promote the environment, biodiversity, and sustainability.

To deliver environmental, social, economic and or other benefits to South Australia though SADCG’s activities.

To build, foster and strengthen relationships between its members, other persons, Governments and or their Agencies, other corporations and associations and the Community at large who have similar values and goals.

To engage in constant improvement and or adopt, from time to time, any other objectives, policies, rules and or procedures that are in the interests of SADCG’s Members. To promote training, education and mentoring in hunting, conservation and or associated activities. To actively lobby and or support, as may be required, the aims, objectives and interests of SADCG and its Members.

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Membership is open to individuals for hunting and/or conservation who share SADCG values of hunting and conservation.

By being a member, you will be supported and represented in the ongoing management of hunting programs in South Australia. You will be part of a community that loves being in the wilderness, harvesting wild food and sharing this with our family and friends.

The application to become a Member of SADCG shall be forwarded to the Secretary of SADCG who at the next convenient Committee meeting shall produce the applicant for admission to SADCG. The Committee shall either at that meeting or at a subsequent meeting review the applicant.